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Freedom to work from anywhere: Our mission with Whereby is to give people freedom to live and work where they thrive.

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“I’ve never seen a job being done by a five-hundred-person engineering team that couldn’t be done better by fifty people.” - C. Gordon Bell

Whereabouts: We work from everywhere within CET +/- 5 hours

Interviews: Around 6 hours over a few weeks, including some practical work

Salary: €100,000 - €150,000

Reporting to: Øyvind, our CEO

Ask us anything: jessica@whereby.com or check out our FAQ for candidates here

Your mission at Whereby*

To develop a growth-focused engineering roadmap with commercial and technical (architectural) objectives, while also building a world-class, inclusive engineering team and culture capable of delivering on those objectives.

*This is the mission that moves you and your team through our strategic roadmap, and should be your foucus for up to a year or two.

What is Whereby all about

Freedom to work from anywhere: our mission with Whereby is to give people freedom to live and work where they thrive.

📍 Our global HQ is in Oslo, Norway, but our users (and team) are worldwide - having been used in nearly every country in the world by millions of folk. 🌏

By making it possible to collaborate as well over video as you can in real life, we want to give you the choice to work from where your life happens. To allow you to be in a place where you can think and focus, but also allow a seamless and instant connection with others when you need to.

For our 60 team members, and also for our customers, we know that the ability to decouple location from work can be life-changing. They can afford the house they want, can spend less time commuting, be closer to nature, and their children get to grow up seeing their grandparents every day. Everyone on our team enjoys the enormous benefits that a flexible work policy brings, and we truly believe the future of work will gravitate towards our vision of the future.

Engineering at Whereby

We strongly believe in the superpowers of a well-lead, and expertly designed engineering team. We are an engineering-centric business who hopes to scale our operation sustainably, with beautiful code, an ethical approach to our users and data, and an innovative opinion on new technologies in the market.

We try to ensure both that we are building the right thing and building the thing right. We analyse data, talk to users, prototype and iterate. We focus on discovering and solving user problems, not just building and shipping features. As a member of our engineering team you’ll take on a key role in this process and see your work be used by millions of users worldwide.

🔍 What we're looking for in our VP Engineering

We're looking for someone who has experience building and leading a successful engineering team with a strong culture (happy, autonomous, and hard working). We don't mind if you've managed a team of 5 or 50, as long as the platforms you've been building have been scalable, and your leadership style is well-respected, authentic, and innovative.

Your attributes

You may be just the right person if others have described you as a Technical Leader who embodies the below competencies...

  • An admired people leader
  • Industrious
  • Amiable
  • Commercial, with a product mindset
  • Innovative
  • Cross-cultural communicator
  • Technically broad

Your previous experience

We are prioritising attitude, aptitude, and the kinds of teams you've built in favour of years' experience. With that said, you may be a good fit if you...

  • Are a current VP, Head of, or Senior Engineering Manager,
  • Have experience building and owning product and engineering-first roadmaps,
  • Enjoy working in distributed teams,
  • Working on a scaling product with high numbers of daily active users,
  • Proud to say you do things differently; working outwardly and inwardly to build a world-class engineering culture which is fit for purpose (not just taken from a Medium article), and
  • Are a really nice person with loads of ambition!

🌎 We believe in everyone

We fundamentally believe talent is distributed to all of us in equal measure. We open our doors (physical or url) to everyone and we see our differences as a strength; it’s this philosophy that drives us towards our mission.

This means we see your unique history as having a value money cannot buy; we believe in the strength of every intersection of race, religion or belief, ethnic origin, different physical ability, family structure, socio-economics, age, nationality or citizenship, marital, domestic or civil partnership status, sexual orientation, gender identity.

⚒️ The nuts and bolts of the role

🌟 How we'll measure your success

  • Team retention and happiness (we use the RANDs test at the moment).
  • Uptime and reliability of our platform.
  • Recruiting quality and successful hires (working with Jess and the team to encourage a diverse approach to what it means to belong at Whereby).
  • Engineering and product roadmap completion (working with Ingrid on how we deliver what our customers don't even know they need).

Strategic responsibilities

  • Build an engineering culture based on high-quality code, data-driven discussions, technological innovation, business acumen, and diversity.
  • Support our product-led strategy by ensuring product reliability and scalability, engineer buy-in, and prioritisation.
  • Contribute to and own the delivery of the technical product according to our values and brand.
  • Understand the important technical differentiating factors of our product, and leverage those in our architecture.
  • Lead the Engineering organisation through architecture, processes, and culture in a way demonstrative of our company values.
  • Bring forward technical and product-elevating ideas to further our company (even if they challenge the status-quo).

Tactical responsibilities

  • Ensure fundamental reliability, scalability and performance of our current product as we scale.
  • Explore new technological possibilities that can turn into new product features or entirely new products (we want to cannibalise our business with even better ways to reach our mission).
  • Work together with the product team on developing the product and engineering road map, scoping and following up larger projects, in a way that they feel involved and brought in.
  • Embed a cultural focus on growth, testing, and reaching our commercial objectives through a focus on simple and brilliant user experience and small iterations.
  • Employer branding and recruitment exercises to deepen our team’s engineering, and specifically WebRTC capabilities.
  • Retain and grow our key talent in the engineering team, allowing them to do their best work as we scale.
  • Make decisions on architecture and processes that concern the product and engineering team as a whole. Set guidelines for what type of decisions can be made in the teams vs. eng. mgmt.
  • Give personal follow-up and coaching to the engineer leads (on a regular basis as per the engineer's needs/preference) so that we build a strong organisation for growth.

Foundational responsibilities

  • Assessing key engineering talent gaps and addressing them in future plans.
  • Ensure your engineering culture is inclusive and embodies a place where talented, kind people feel they can belong and feel psychologically safe.
  • Contribute to defining a recruiting process to assess engineering talent, prioritising diversity.
  • Manage and developer Engineering Leads who manage the engineering teams.
  • Commit code when required and, why not, for a bit of fun.
  • Coach teams on delivering feedback, key processes, and cultural knowledge-gaps. Update Leadership and the rest of Whereby on key engineering projects, objectives, and successes.
  • Drive decisions on overall system architecture.
  • Build operational processes to ensure 24/7 reliability.
  • Develop and maintain a product and engineering roadmap (together with Product and Marketing).

Your progression

  • You'll be leading your function from the top, working with the Exec team and CEO to build the kind of culture you want to scale into the stratosphere.
  • We expect you may have strong ambitions to move into a CTO position as we continue to grow our product, users, and revenue.
  • We like to keep a lean team, and although our engineering team will likely reach 50 in the near future, we don't think it's a good fit for someone believes headcount is a metric for success.

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