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As one of the fastest growing video providers globally, we believe people should be able to collaborate from anywhere. Our mission is to enable this by building tools for productive collaboration. We are always on the lookout for talented people that can help us improve our service and contribute to spreading collaboration through video. Our business is growing quickly, and we're in the process of hiring 15 new employees by the end of 2019.

Do you feel passionate about our service, or are you just curious about what we do? Please go through our career page and get to know even more about who we are, our culture, and how we work. We have our current openings posted, but feel free to send us an open application - we're always looking for new talent.




Why people love working here

We believe people can grow successful companies and live meaningful lives anywhere, we enable this by building tools for productive collaboration

Ingrid Oline Skeide Ødegaard CTPO & Co-Founder of Whereby

Workplace & culture

We consider every employment to be an investment in a long-term relationship. Our ability to attract and invest in talented people, and to make them key ambassadors for the company culture and concept - already takes place at the recruitment process. Consequent thoroughness in the selection of staff is of utmost importance to us. Whatever you do in life - to succeed you will need to capture someones interest and maintain it over time.

Values & behaviors

Our staff is our most valuable resource. We're a diverse, international, friendly, creative, professional, remote, happy, social, and a productive bunch of people. Positivity is infectious! We spend so much time at work so we might as well choose to enjoy it! Since we have a remote culture, we believe it's important to get together for social activities both over video and in-person.

Embrace flexibility
“Time flexibility remote working help me become a better person while also contributing to society. Traveling is something I believe is critical for personal growth. Limiting this time to a few weeks a year makes it difficult to truly digest a culture. So having the option to work and travel is the best perk!” Quote: Jamy Golden - Senior Software Engineer
Deeply care and always include
“My team respects not only the work I do, but also my time and my values. They care about what is important to me and support and encourage me in things I invest in outside of work" Quote: Ashley Sachs - Customer Support Manager
Be curious and entrepreneurial
"Doing anything in tech requires learning all the time, and curiosity makes that possible. I think curiosity on a personal level also is very fulfilling if you're able to satisfy it and figure things out. Finally, if you actually want to do something different you really can't get around first being curious” Quote: Odin Hørte Omdal - Senior Software Engineer
Be resilient and dependable
For me, resilient and dependable means being a responsible co-worker. Keep your promises and let’s keep all communication clear, share knowledge and information across departments, be open-minded to challenges, give constructive feedback, and confront problems as they occur” Quote: Sølvi Håvik, Finance Manager
Have fun and bring positive can-do enthusiasm
"We spend so much time at work so we might as well choose to enjoy it! Positivity is infectious and we can help each other have a good time as we build a strong team." Quote: Caleb Robertson - Senior Account Executive
Relentless focus on simpliciy and customer delight

Our journey

New adventures ahead

Where it all began

Refviksanden, Vågsøy

Videonor is founded
The first office - Videonor HQ

Måløy, Vågsøy

appear.in is founded

Fornebu, Oslo

Videonor expands to the U.S.

Boston, USA

Videonor acquires appear.in

Tjuvholmen, Oslo

appear.in launches PRO
appear.in at 1 million USD (ARR)


appear.in launches Business plan
appear.in rebrands to Whereby

Perks & benefits

Have we caught your attention yet? By joining our team, you get a chance to take part in the amazing journey that lays in front of us. These are just some of the perks you’ll have;


  • seeing your work directly impact our products
  • pushing the limits technologically with our work
  • positively impacting the lives of millions of users around the world
  • flexibility in choosing the device, tools & location suitable for your best productivity
  • participate on off-site team building outings at amazing destinations

Become part of our tightly knit team of highly passionate people who aim to create the best possible user experience. We are not afraid of challenging the status quo and aim for radical simplicity in everything we do. Our stellar culture contains developers, product designers, UX researchers, marketing, sales, and support people – all striving to help each other succeed.


About us

We’ve always cared deeply about people and how they communicate. Users all over the world rely on our technology to collaborate every single day. We're providing global enterprises, startups, academic institutions and national sports teams to communicate more effectively. It is our sincere promise to our customers that video conferencing can be easy, affordable and enjoyable.




Gate 1 107
6700 Måløy Directions


Torgallmenningen 2
5014 Bergen Directions


02114 Boston Directions


Kirkegata 17
0153 Oslo Directions


111 52 Stockholm Directions


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